I'm Mondher Khanfir

Welcome to my website,

I’m an engineer who found out his passion in his profession, which I like to present as Biology of Knowledge. This consists on studying the production, dissemination and reproduction of knowledge as biocenose able to bring to life the best of Human dreams.


Infrastructure, Logistics & Digital Innovation Expert

I have more than 20 years of experience in Business Consulting and Investment Advisory with a focus on Infrastructure, logistics and Digital Innovation. 
I am  also heading the Think Tank “For a shared prosperity in Africa”, an agency of Tunisia Africa Business Council.

Current Positions,

  • Board Member at AMA@Station F, Paris 
  • Advisor at FEMOZA, Geneva
  • Expert to the African Center for Economic Transformation, Accra
  • Governance consultant to the Council of Europe, Brussels
  • Faculty member at WBAF Business School, Istanbul
  • Head of the Think Tank ‘For a shared prosperity in Africa’, Tunis              



Project Management



Investment Advisory

Assisting PPP and innovative businesses in their Investment and fundraising strategies.   

Policy Advocacy

Conducting research and case studies in different economic fields to promote policies that enable sustainable development.

Governance & Project Management

Intellectual Property Protection


My offer covers the evaluation and structuring of complex projects, including financial modelling. More specifically, I bring expertise in the design and implementation of innovation or digital transformation projects or programs.


My professional career,

Faculty Member in charge of Startup Assessor Certification program

Faculty Member in charge of Startup Assessor Certification program

  • Company : WBAF Business School CDD
  • Employment date : Sept. 2020 – 2021. 11month
  • Location : Paris

Faculty Member

Faculty Member

  • Company : World Business Angels Investment
  • Employment date : December. 2019 - 2021 .1year and 8 month
  • Location: Suisse
  • Description :  In charge of Startup Assessor Certification courses with a focus on Innovation, Business Modeling, IP protection & Funding strategy
Visiting Lecturer

Visiting Lecturer

  • Company : National School of Arts and Trades
  • Employment date : November 2019 - 2021 . 1 years and 9 month
  • Location : Paris

Board Member

Board Member

  • Company : AM Acceleration StationF
  • Employment date : Mars. 2018 – 2021. 3 years and 5 month
  •  Location : Paris
  • Description : A leading Hardware accelerator based in Station F in Paris, and highly oriented Industry 4.0 with a special focus on Research Valorization Startup
Partner & Advisor

Partner & Advisor

  •  Company: Convergence InternationalSAS
  •  Employment date : January 2018 - September 2020. 2 years and 9 month
  • Location : Suisse
Co-Founder & Partner

  Co-Founder & Partner

  • Company  : Investment Management & Advisory
  • Employment date : July 2018 - June 2019 . 1 years
  • Location : Luxembourg
  • Description : Enabling and supporting the growth of IP based innovative startups showing a high impact on Emerging economies, by valuating and tokenizing their IP in order to accelerate their valorization, through cash flow generation and access to market.
    Accompanying investors in their high impact investment strategy, and assisting startups in their financing strategy and capital raising.
Senior Associate Partner

Senior Associate Partner

  • Company : Colombus Consulting
  • Employment date : February 2012 - january 2018. 6 years
  • Location : Tunisia
  • Description : Prospected and expanded the activities of Business Consulting in North Africa, whose global solutions provide development of major projects covering management and IT system auditing, and/or businesses transformation, in five main sectors: Finance, Health, Environment, Logistics and Energy, all the while focusing on governance, technology integration, innovation, strategic planning, governance and change management
Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Transportation
Co-Founder & CO
  • Company : Wiki Start up- Business Incubation & Investment Advisory
  • Employment date : Mai 2011- December 2017. 6 years and  8 month
  • Location : Tunisia
  • Description : Launch of the first private Business Incubator dedicated to Innovation in Tunisia, with a very specific business model based on 3 pillars; 'Technical Assistance, Seed funding and Mentoring". more details on www.wikistartup.tn
Executive Director
Managing Director of Transition LAND'OR SA
Founder & Executive Director
Senior Consultant

Engagement for the Community

Civil Society Activism

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